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Local Multifamily Operators Provide Higher Returns Than Benchmark Indices

  By: Molly Holbert, Marketing & Investment Coordinator, MACC Venture Partners   Why High-Net-Worth Investors Seek increased Real Estate Allocations The commercial real estate landscape is continuing to become more easily accessible to investors due to the fusion of technology in the industry. Today, an accredited investor can directly invest in a sponsor’s multifamily asset, purely online, without

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8 Reasons to Invest in Multifamily Apartments

  U.S. multi‐family real estate has generated strong investor returns over the last 20 years driven by diverse income streams, low operating costs, manageable capital expenditure requirements, and favorable debt financing terms. The movement of wealth to secondary markets was highlighted in a recent US Multifamily Strategy and & 2017 Update conducted by Yardi Matrix.

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