Quality Assets

Quality Assets

Focused on properties with sustainable competitive advantages and strong cash flow generation.

Undervalued Opportunities

Undervalued Opportunities

Targeting assets that the team believes are selling at a discount to their long term potential.

Flexible Portfolio

Flexible Portfolio

Designed to be opportunistic in its positioning within the geographic strategic framework of the focus markets.


Rigorous Asset Selection Process

  • Excellent relationships with brokers, lenders and special servicers.
  • MACC is highly trusted by sellers within the A, B, & C class space given its reputation for reliability and efficiency in closing transactions.
  • With a long history of local and regional operation, MACC is able to identify acquisition opportunities through a trusted network of sellers, brokers, and bankers.
  • Ability and expertise to perform reliable due diligence and analytical financial and legal underwriting of potential assets.

Value Creation through Vertically Integrated Platforms

Execution Through Hands on Asset Management

  • “One stop shop” - Experienced team in place to negotiate with sellers, reposition and stabilize properties, and seek quick, efficient exits.
  • Entrenched regional teams providing execution with deep and granular understanding of the multifamily market.
  • Our management company offers a fully integrated asset management platform that assures efficiency in operations and preserves capital gain and value appreciation
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Access to Capital Markets

Efficient and Flexible Capital Structure

  • MACC maintains lender relationships with most Agencies Debt such as Fannie, Freddie, HUD, key regional banks and private lenders active in its submarkets.
  • To-date, MACC has successfully placed debt on each of the properties in its existing portfolio.