MACC Venture Partners is a private equity commercial real estate firm set to pursue capital preservation and appreciation, as well as high returns and yields through a strategic acquisition process.

Real Estate Owner/Operator with Proven History
• Properties are managed by a cumulative team; currently over 180 members, including property managers, leasing agents, and on-site maintenance staff.
• Existing portfolio consists of over approximately 6,000 apartment units and commercial office space.
• Stable, longstanding operations are continuously providing market intelligence, deal leads, and asset due diligence.

Differentiated Focus
• Primary focal points are multifamily and office sector, in markets with strong macro-economic prospects; focus on projects with clear, value-add.
• Targeted on a niche of $5 - $25mm of equity—the “sweet spot”—where local and institutional buyers are reduced.
• Assets are acquired only with projections of strong cash flow, either immediately or after improvements.

Strong Deal Flow/Pipeline
• Deals are generated from a variety of sources including special servicers, banks, and a multitude of brokers and asset partners; all with intelligence in local markets.
• Opportunities also available to participate in direct deals with Capstone Multifamily Group—a sister company and operator of assets.
• Proper distillation of approximately 200 deals results in an average of 6-10 investments each year.

Proven Syndication Strategy
• $100mm in capital commitments has been raised over the past 25 deals.
• Supplemented by $200mm in low cost debt.
• 35 assets—totaling approximately $300mm in market value, with excellent metrics—have been acquired or contracted to purchase.

Firm Mission

“To consistently maintain our position as an industry leader in the multi-family markets of the greater Southeast by successfully developing, enhancing, and integrating our client relationships, dedication and work ethic, industry knowledge and business acumen, creative problem solving abilities, and profitability in all that we do.”

Firm Values & Core Beliefs

Continually provide to our clients, colleagues, and affiliates unmatched intelligence, ingenuity, and capability through shared resources, continual education, and the best technology tools available. Ever increasing profitability through gains in revenue and reductions in operating expenses. Client services above all expectations. Ethical and truthful behavior in all aspects of serving our clients and ourselves.