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Learn about our commercial real estate firm's tactics in Gastonia, NC and Surrounding cities

MACC Venture Partners LLC is a privately held investment firm focused on stable, income producing multi-family opportunities in emerging U.S. markets and the southeast. We target high yield passive cash flow and long term capital appreciation through strategic acquisition and superior asset management. Our success and reputation has been built on integrity, honesty, passion and extensive experience in acquiring, repositioning and operating properties.

The Company's deep experience, institutional quality processes, disciplined focus, strong reporting capabilities, and dedicated teams have enabled MACC VP to become a seasoned investment Company and a leader in Private Equity for Commercial Real Estate. We acquire well-located, quality multifamily assets in supply-constrained submarkets across the South East to generate attractive Cash Flow and achieve high returns.

We generally target higher quality properties (containing between 100 and 350 units) that are located in major markets and sub markets across the southeast, but will also consider the purchase of larger apartment portfolios as well as joint ventures with highly qualified, experienced developers and investors. Our private equity real estate investment group in Gastonia, NC invests in only the best to guarantee a solid return for our clients and partners. We serve surrounding cities like Charlotte, Greensboro and Winston Salem, NC.

How do we look at and evaluate properties?

MACC Venture Partners takes a deep dive when searching for premier commercial properties. Our professionals will identify target properties that have value for all parties involved. We take advantage of the real estate process model. When we do locate the right property, we'll take the right approach. This includes:
  • Underwriting based on a thorough analysis
  • Understanding critical success factors
  • Evaluating exit strategies
  • Negotiating with sellers, partners, clients
  • Creating equity partners and structures

Once the property is acquired, we will hire a management team and handle ongoing maintenance at the property. For more information about our investment strategies, contact MACC Venture Partners at , 704-861-1056 , today.

MACC Venture Partners has leveraged technology and its deep industry experience to bring investors a platform that will allow them to invest, manage and engage proactively. With our online investment platform, investors can track their capital commitments and investments, download tax and deal documents and get updates and news. Through our investment portal, we are putting transparency and investor convenient at the forefront of our relationship management.

Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

  • Identify target opportunities
  • Underwrite based on thorough analysis of operations, revenue projections, capital upgrades
  • Evaluate full range of outcomes
  • Thoroughly understand critical success factors
  • Identify multiple exit strategies
  • Negotiate best terms by leveraging existing synergies
  • Create debt and equity structures that provide best investment
  • Actively manage assets and expenditures consistently