Ron Bates Chief Financial Officer

Ron Bates
Chief Financial Officer


Ron joined Capstone MultiFamily Group and MACC VP in 2010 where he currently oversees all accounting, financial reporting, tax preparation, and finance for all sister companies and their assets. Ron is a seasoned financial reporting veteran with deep knowledge and experience in taxation and finance as well as experience in multiple verticals such as manufacturing and wholesale industries
Ron is licensed in North Carolina as a CPA in 1986, and is a graduate of UNC-Charlotte.

Peter Powers

Peter Powers has been with MACC Venture Partners for over 2 years. He identifies, researches, and underwrites Multifamily and Office assets. He also works alongside the marketing team for Capstone Multifamily Group, the property management arm of MACC Venture Partners, where he helps assist team members with carrying out investment plans for particular assets. Peter holds bachelor degrees in Entrepreneurship and Real Estate from Florida State University. Besides his passion for real estate, Peter is a club race car driver and avid outdoorsman.

Ben Inman
Director of Acquisitions

Ben Inman assists with finding, underwriting, and securing capital for assets fitting MACC's acquisition criteria. Once a target asset is identified and awarded, Mr. Inman quickly takes the opportunity to the capital markets in order to secure both debt and private or institutional equity for purchasing the asset. Upon acquiring assets, his team oversees the operations and performance of the management team to ensure properties are performing at or better than the projected budgets. In addition, his team oversees renovations and various cap-ex projects so the team is ensured the business plan for each asset is implemented as planned. Prior to joining MACC, Mr. Inman helped several companies as an analyst, expanding their business throughout the Southeast.

Lindsay DeCarlo
Senior Property Accountant

Lindsay DeCarlo is the Senior Property Accountant for MACC Properties, LLC and Capstone Multifamily Group, LLC. Lindsay is responsible for supervising the accounting and marketing departments with financials and distributions. She began her career with Capstone in 2015 after graduating from Belmont Abbey College with a Bachelor's in Accounting and a Bachelor's in Business Management. In her free time, Lindsay enjoys going to the movies, reading, and attending art/craft shows.