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Local Multifamily Operators Provide Higher Returns Than Benchmark Indices

  By: Molly Holbert, Marketing & Investment Coordinator, MACC Venture Partners   Why High-Net-Worth Investors Seek increased Real Estate Allocations The commercial real estate landscape is continuing to become more easily accessible to investors due to the fusion of technology in the industry. Today, an accredited investor can directly invest in a sponsor’s multifamily asset, purely online, without

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Why does the North Myrtle Beach Multifamily Market Provide Consistent Returns?

  Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is not only a world-recognized travel destination, but also a premier location for business growth and development that is becoming increasingly recognized. The rapid growth of this metro is due to an increase in the retiree population & a rapidly growing business community including manufacturing and healthcare. According to the MBREDC, “From

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