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MACC Venture Partners LLC is a private equity commercial real estate firm set to pursue capital preservation and appreciation, as well as high returns and yields. We are a family owned and operated real estate investment group based in Gastonia, North Carolina and servicing Charlotte, NC. Using a planned and calculated acquisition process, we obtain high-quality commercial investments, including office spaces, apartments and other prime real estate. We manage all of our high-growth assets internally for capital appreciation.

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By acquiring such high-grade real estate assets, we’re securing a successful financial future for businesses, their employees and their families. If you’d like to learn more about investment opportunities at our private equity commercial real estate investment firm in Gastonia, NC, contact us today at 704-861-1056.

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At MACC Venture Partners, it is our goal to buy, sell and manage properties successfully for the benefit of our partners. We will buy the investment property, team up with investors to unlock its value and sell it to real estate holders, banks, agencies and more. MACC Venture Partners will handle all areas related to the investment, including:

MACC Venture Partners continues to manage a number of properties throughout North Carolina and the Southeast. We’ve worked with Capstone MultiFamily Group and Century 21 Commercial- Capstone Commercial Group as principal partners in our business. Yadkin Bank, Bellwether Enterprise and many regional and national financial institutions have also worked with us for our strategic processes.

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