Upon acquisition of our multifamily properties, Capstone Multifamily Group, takes over management of the asset. Our management company offers a fully integrated asset management platform that assures efficiency in operations. It allows us to preserve capital gain and value appreciation, as well as deliver full and complete information to all parties involved.

MACC VP Management Services:

Capstone MultiFamily Group is an entity under the MACC VP umbrella. It was established for the purpose of increasing the value and profitability of our clients' assets through:
  • Hands on Management
  • Repositioning & Rehabilitation
  • Rent Optimization
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Occupancy Stabilization

Our management services incorporate the following service delivery components, among others, to streamline and integrate our comprehensive services package as well as deliver full and complete information to all parties involved

Capstone MultiFamily Group Management Services

Discovery Phase

Property Analysis

  • Thorough underwriting
  • Assist with lease audit & unit inspections
  • Prepare necessary documents including vendor contracts & utility accounts


Acquisition Preparation

  • Transfer prior community information into MACC VP database
  • Staff communication and analysis
  • Property research and preparation by transition team

Staff Training

Streamlined Process

  • Initialy training to ensure consistent policies among as a whole
  • Hire qualified employees if necessary
  • Continuous training and education
  • Accurate & Transparent Accounting

Property Marketing

Consistent Company Representation

  • Branding of on-site and web-based marketing materials
  • Update social media accounts
  • Create property website
  • Create signage & brochures