Background & Overview


MACC Venture Partners was established for the purpose of increasing the value and profitability of an ever growing portfolio of multi-family and commercial real estate assets for the benefit of the investors.


MACC Venture Partners delivers a consistent ROI to Investors and Limited Partners with the protection of real assets behind every investment. This is done through diligent and consistent value acquisition strategy and management. Furthermore, MACC Venture Partners leverages the expertise and synergies of its entire group of companies including MACC Properties and Capstone Multifamily Group.


The success of the portfolio is due to an experienced team with a multi-faceted level of expertise in real estate finance and development as well as commercial private equity acquisition.

The MVP Team

  • Tony Azar

    Tony began his career in Real Estate in 2003 by forming MACC Properties after an extensive and successful career as...

  • John Azar

    John is the Executive Vice President of MACC Venture Partners and the Capstone Multifamily Group of companies where he directs...

  • The Team

    MACC Venture Partners is a premier firm that incorporates certified property management specialists, accountants, and investment professionals to bring our...