• With over 40 years experience in the business world I have frequently interacted with many people in search for sound investments. Many have presented what appeared to be good opportunities yet lacked qualities that Tony and Bob so humbly live by.

    I am honored to have met two people that live by the ideal qualities I selfishly desire of anyone I interact with. In over two years I have worked and invested with them I have experienced them to be; Trustworthy, honest,  authentic, accurate, informative, approachable, totally available, grateful, true their word, fun and kind.

    Jacob B., Investor
  • The Capstone general partners are hard-working, easy to communicate with, and absolutely transparent with respect to their operations.  We have visited the properties that we invested in, we participate in the regular phone conferences, and we have found our friends at Capstone to be only a quickly answered phone call away.

    The checks we receive are always on time and are either exactly equal to or greater than the returns promised to us.  Furthermore, we feel good about the work that Tony Azar and his professional crew do in improving and managing their properties and coincidentally improving the lives and comforts of their tenants.

    Philip R., Investor