Quality Assets

Focused on properties with sustainable competitive advantages and strong cash flow generation.

Undervalued Opportunities

Targeting assets that the team believes are selling at a discount to their long term potential.

Flexible Portfolio

Designed to be opportunistic in its positioning within the geographic strategic framework of the focus markets.



MACC Venture Partners, through proven history of success, have built excellent relationships with brokers, lenders and investor to create synergistic teams of partners.


MACC VP is highly trusted by sellers within Class A/B/C space given its reputation for reliability and efficiency in closing transactions. This creates the kind of credibility in the marketplace that places MACC VP on the top of calling list of prospective sellers of new deals.


Through rigorous in-house underwriting and syndication process MACC VP performs reliable due diligence and analysis of all potential assets before going to market.


Access to Capital Markets


MACC VP maintains lender relationships with most Agencies Debt such as Fannie, Freddie, HUD, key regional banks and private lenders active in its submarkets.


Through a diversified network of equity partners and (both private and institutional) MACC has successfully placed equity in each of the properties in its existing portfolio.


Value Creation through Vertically Integrated Platform


“One stop shop” – Experienced team in place to negotiate with sellers, reposition and stabilize properties, and seek efficient profitable exits.


“Boots on the Ground” execution with deep and granular understanding of the multifamily market.



Capstone Multifamily Group

Our management service, incorporates the following service delivery components, among others, to fully streamline and integrate our comprehensive services package as well as deliver full and complete information to all parties involved:


Transparent and Cost Based Expensing: What we pay is what you pay—no gimmicks, no nickel and dime, and no uncertainty. Our fees are based solely on property performance, so your results are tied directly to our compensation. Operational costs and third party services are directly passed through penny for penny, with no surcharges or handling fees.


Flexible Accounting & Planning Services: Personally customized financial statements, check writing, check request fulfillment, Pro Forma sheets, budgets, rent rolls, rent escalations, and charts of accounts.


Web-Based Portals: Online access for our Tenants, Owners, Investors, Contractors and our Personnel to access real time property information and reports, anytime, any place.


An Orderly Bidding System: Continual review of our subcontractor bid lists in order to maintain at least three to six quality subcontractors in every field. This enables us to keep costs down.


Total Maintenance Control: We closely supervise the crucial element involved in providing prompt and attentive service to our tenants. This directly translates into lower operating costs and greater versatility while responding to tenants’ needs quickly and efficiently. This in turn results in lower tenant turnover and increased profitability.


Flexibility of Management: We specialize in maximizing property assets by tailoring our services and applying our management skills where they are needed most. This results in maximizing net income for the property owner.